Shanghai Show & Tell

PosterThe Shanghai Show & Tell, the second China Animation & Game Network event, went down at La Cava in Shanghai’s Former French Concession last Tuesday 11th March.  A networking party for animation and game industry professionals, the event aimed to reflect the creativity of the people involved, and provide an open showcase for their talents.

iacc-Detao sponsored the event, buying our first 100 guests a drink.  In all there were over 130 attendees covering the full spectrum of disciplines within the world of animation and gaming – directors, producers, animators, concept and storyboard artists, game designers, sound designers, script writers, HR staff, recruiters, executives, and programmers.  Alongside the independents and freelancers were guests from companies like Oriental DreamWorks, Tencent,  Netease, 2K,  Activision, Original Force, Crystal CG, yU+co, Spicy Horse, Autodesk, Dancing CG and Taomee, to name just a few.  Guests and speakers travelled from every corner of Shanghai, and even from as far as Nanjing and Suzhou.

We were especially pleased to welcome Tang Boqing, the co-creator of the internet smash hit short animation Entrance Exam, who flew in all the way from Chengdu to introduce the screening of his film.

Hosted by CAGN’s Chris and Janice, the focus of the evening was on quick-fire, 3-minute ‘show & tells’ by China-based professionals and artists.  Dan Sarto, founder and editor-in-chief of Animation World Network and iacc-DeTao master, kicked off the proceedings, reflecting on the varying qualities of the breakfasts he has enjoyed/endured at the animation festivals he has been attending across the globe over the past 18 years.  A broad range of show and tells ensued in Chinese and English, including game demos, CG reels, controversial ads, sound creation demos, manga, motion graphics and short films (animated and documentary).

The brave Show & Tellers on the night were:

  • Dan Sarto (Animation World Network / iacc-Detao) – A Taste of Animation Festivals
  • Howard Tsung (Buzzin’ Digital) – Buzzin the “Bigbadaboom”
  • Francis Lam (Independent) – Super Cool Party
  • Diane Russell (Crystal CG) – Umbrella
  • Lily Liu (Dancing Digital) – Wu Ling
  • Mark Stevens (Touch Media) – Is it so notorious? (One of China’s Top 10 notorious ads from 2013)
  • Jiao Xiaowu (Crystal CG) – Who are we? What do we do?
  • Muhammad Moniem (Independent) – Coated
  • Fan Fan (yU+co) – The Making of Autumn at Qinhu Wetland Park
  • Thom Lu (Golden Oak) – Hollywood Vs. Chinese animation – the right way to make it in China
  • Alex Riviere (Game Audio Lab) – Creating the Sound
  • Pocket Chocolate (Independent) – Crystal Sky of Yesterday
  • Nat Mak (Pixelmatic) – Gem Wizard
  • Cici (Independent) – Storytelling, My Way
  • Luby Liu (Original Force) – Original Force 15th anniversary
  • Judy Cai (yU+co) – Animation, Marketing and Real Estate Development
  • Egmont Mayer (Red Rabbit Animation) – Doc Meets Dorf
  • Tang Bo Qing (Independent) – Entrance Exam

Poster3月11日晚,中国动画&游戏行业聚会CAGN的第二次活动“上海说&秀”在上海市徐汇区La Cava酒吧顺利举办。 此次活动是为动画和游戏行业的专业人士量身打造的行业聚会,旨在聚集业内最有创造力的人群,分享自己的想法和激情,碰撞出新的火花。

德稻iacc动漫创意学院友情赞助了此次活动,为首先到场的100名参与者提供了酒水。当晚有来自东方梦工厂、腾讯游戏、网易游戏、2K、盖音、原力、动视暴雪、水晶石、舞之企业、yU+co、Spicy Horse、三艺游戏、淘米、Autodesk等超过130名的导演、制片人、动画师、音效师、游戏开发、技术主管、设计师、 故事板、编剧、HR、高管、自由创作者和创意总监等人士参加了此次活动,更有参与者远从南京、苏州和北京赶来。


当晚活动由 Chris和Janice进行了主持,当晚的高潮部分自然是由数位中外籍业内人士和艺术家们带来的每人三分钟的说&秀演讲。AWN.com的创始人与总编辑、徳稻iacc大师闪拓先生首先进行了发言,讲述了在过去18年中他在形形色色动画艺术节上吃过的早餐,有些令人难忘,有些不堪回首。随后的嘉宾们也各自带来了精彩的展示,内容包括游戏demo版,CG作品,令人争议的广告作品,音效创作demo,漫画,动画和短片等等。


  • 闪拓( / iacc-德稻) – 动画艺术节上的美食
  • 丛士兰 (Buzzin’ Digital)- Buzzin the “Bigbadaboom”
  • Francis Lam (独立游戏设计师) – Super Cool Party
  • 戴安娜 罗素 (水晶石) – 雨伞
  • 刘丽 (舞之企业) – 神笔马良
  • Mark Stevens (触动传媒) – 真的这么臭名昭著吗?(2013中国十大最臭名昭著广告之一)
  • 粟晓武 (水晶石)- 我们是谁?我们是做什么的?
  • Muhammad Moniem (独立游戏开发人) – Coated
  • Fan Fan (yU+co) –溱湖湿地的秋季场景制作
  • Thom Lu (Golden Oak) – 好莱坞动画VS中国动画 -如何让中国动画有更好的未来
  • Alex Riviere (盖音) – 声音的创造
  • 口袋巧克力(漫画家/插画师)-《昨日青空》
  • Nat Mak (Pixelmatic) – Gem Wizard
  • Cici 牟瑞开 (独立制作人) – 故事讲述, My Way
  • 刘露(原力)- 原力15年
  • Judy Cai (yU+co) – 动画、市场和房地长开发
  • Egmont Mayer (鸿兔动画)- Doc Meets Dorf
  • 唐伯卿(独立动画人)- 《入学考试》