China Indie Animation – Shanghai 7/3

poster1-SH-1China Animation & Game Network (CAGN) presents

CAGN-QRChina Indie Animation – Shanghai – 7/3

A screening of independent animation by Chinese artists, or on a Chinese theme.

Join CAGN for a screening of independent animated films by some of China’s most exciting emerging and established talent.  We’ve put together an eclectic bill to reflect the diverse and vibrant creativity of the country’s young filmmakers and artists, some of whom will be joining us on the night to introduce their films.

Featured artists include:  Bingtanghuluer, Chao Ma, Jonathan Ng, Lei Lei, Lu Yang, Pi San, Shen Jie, Sun Xun, Wolfsmoke.

  • Thursday 3rd July
  • 7pm – 9.30pm (1st film program starts at 7.40)
  • Dada, 115 Xingfu Lu, near Fahuazhen Lu 幸福路115号, 近法华镇路
  • Free entry.  All welcome.


  • Lu Yang 陆扬 – Uterus Man 《子宫战士》(2013)
  • Lu Yang 陆扬 – Cancer Baby 《癌宝宝》(2014)
  • Lei Lei 雷磊 & Thomas Sauvin – Recycled 《照片回收》(2013)
  • Wolfsmoke 狼烟 – Kung Fu Cooking Girls 《功夫料理娘》(2011)
  • Bingtanghuluer 冰糖葫芦儿 – Kicccccccccccccccck!!! (2014)
  • Pi San 皮三 – Blow Up the School《炸学校》(2009)
  • Lei Lei 雷磊 – This is Not a Time to Lie 《这不是一个可以说谎的时刻》(2014)
  • Jonathan Ng – Requiem for Romance 《爱的弥撒曲》(2013)
  • Jie Shen 沈杰 –  RUN! (2013)
  • Biu Biu Sun & Tee Egg 孙欣 & 李云 – Happy Life (2012)
  • Zheng Ya Wen 郑雅文 – Song for Rain 《再见雨天》 (2013)
  • Chao Ma 马超, Thomas Bozovic, Alexandre Cazals, Julien Legay – Fox Tale 《狐仙记》(2011)