Shanghai Shorts

ARKHAM_20131122_Spectrasoul&Compuphonic11月26日晚,德稻动漫创意学院(iacc)“动画与游戏专业人士交流聚会”(iacc Animation & Games Network Event)在上海市徐汇区Arcade酒吧举行。AWN.com网站发行人与首席运营官闪拓主持了当晚的活动,iacc院长罗宾京大师和德稻集团总裁夏军也均有出席。 来自艺电、育碧、东方梦工厂、腾讯、盛大网络、2K中国、观池、京鼎动画、原力、水晶石等公司的120多名行业人士共同参与了交流会。 闪拓大师在活动中为大家独家展现了几段刚刚荣获2013年国际动画大奖的动画短片进行播放,奖项包括法国安纳西国际动画节、FMX和SIGGRAPH等,短片中也包括iacc的另一位大师郎铸教授刚刚获得奥斯卡最佳动画短片提名的动画短片《潜意识密码》。

Our first event in November 2013 in Shanghai, featured a screening of some of the best shorts of 2013 selected from the festival circuit (FMX – SIGGRAPH – Annecy etc).   It was a great night with by over 120 artists and executives from companies such as Oriental DreamWorks, EA, Ubisoft, 2K and many more from all areas of the community. 

The films screened on the night were:

Not Over / Directed by: Toru HAYAI / Japan

A giant stuffed bear travels the world to reach its goal. The finish line finally comes into sight, but the bear soon learns that it is “not over, till it’s over.”

Double Fikret / Directed by: Haiyang WANG / China

Non-narrative, surreal associations and transformations around two Eastern men. With a remarkably bright use of colours, figuratively well-drawn figures in chalk on sandpaper sheets of a square metre and a resourceful use of materials and the environment.

Kick-Heart / Directed by: Masaaki YUASA / Japan

A love story between two people who each have a secret to hide. One is a pro-wrestler, the other a nun. When the two meet in the ring, something magical happens. Losing never felt so good.

Rollin’ Safari (FMX) (2 mins) / Institute of Animation, Effects and Digital Postproduction at Filmakademie / Germany

The FMX 2013 trailers, Rollin’ Safari tells the story of a crocodile’s attempt to attack flamingos which is complicated by the animals’ physique. The unusual, funny tale rapidly gains a momentum of its own. 

Carn / Directed by Jeff Le Bars / France

Dark and atmospheric tale of a wolf mother who sacrifices her own life to save a lost young boy, in return for his promise to protect her young.

Subconscious Password / Directed by: Chris LANDRETH / Canada

The absurd misadventures of Charles, a friendly kind of guy who meets up with someone whose name completely escapes him.  Shortlisted for the Academy Award

Gloria Victoria / Directed by: Theodore USHEV / Canada

From the Russian front to the Chinese revolution, and Dresden to Guernica, great black birds fly over graves while vampires and reapers keep moving.  Shortlisted for the Academy Award

Run! / Directed by: Jie SHEN / China

A series of associations

Feral / Directed by: Daniel SOUSA / United States

A wild boy is found in the woods by a lone hunter and brought back to civilisation. Alienated by a new environment, the boy tries to adapt by using the same strategies that kept him safe in the forest.  Shortlisted for the Academy Award.